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Company: AIRTB & Consulting Ltd,
address: Stratigou Spyrou Stathopoulou, 14B, 3066, Limassol, Cyprus

Airtb & Consulting Ltd. was founded in December 2013. AdPiano is a new Ad Exchange brand, with a set-from-day-one mission to create an industry-trusted monetization platform. Driven by a desire to create a better bridge between hard-working publishers and advertisers, we started planting seeds of imagination that soon became ripe technological advancements within our industry. Since our genesis in 2013, AdPiano has been affiliated with more than 100 legitimate businesses worldwide and houses somewhat over 5000 satisfied publishers. For us, the idea was simple – gather as many quality resources, provide them with growth hacking tools, and watch as our milestones are being met one after the other.

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Some of our current clients’ words of praise

“The longevity of our partnership speaks volume, but it’s more the ROI that rings our bells. Looking forward to keep this pace for years to come.”

“Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. I’ve been in Affiliate marketing for over 10 years. This is by far the craziest industry when it comes to sudden changes. Occurrences like this call for knowledge, patience, and leadership. All of this and more is what I got from AdPiano. To me, there are no surprises as long as I’m part of this huge family (as they like to say).”

“I’ve got the honor to be published as a reference on their site so I’ll try to use it wisely and put it short. – Fellow reader, your money is not your biggest resource. Your knowledge is not your biggest asset. It’s your time. The sound of a ticking clock should be your biggest reminder that you have to make a move. And the best one could be to entrust your business into the hands of this great leadership. And I guess I wasn’t as short as planned.”